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Member: Andy Ranson

Vehicle: Austin Cambridge

Cars Name:

Reg: 414 UXN

Year: 1937

Owned Since: 2006

Note: When purchased it was a non-runner and the most of the body was painted in grey primer. I have rebuilt the engine, clutch, fuel pump and carburettor plus spray and hand painted the complete car.

Members Vehicles

Member: Andy Seager

Vehicle: Riley Nine Kestrel

Reg: UJ 4028

Year: 1934

Owned Since:

Note: The Kestrel was an 'aeroline' saloon that captured the 1930s fashion for streamlining and art deco design.This car is fitted with Riley's 'pre-selecta' gears, it dramatically simplified the process of changing gear. The car's low stance provided a sporty drive and a top speed of 65MPH. This car was acquired in restored condition, and has recently undergone and engine re-build.

Member: John & Jill Bennett

Vehicle: Austin 12/4 Clifton

Cars Name: Wine Gum

Reg: PH 9689

Year: 1926

Owned Since: 2011

Note: It was used for our Summer Holiday in France, travelling via the Channel tunnel following the coast to Brest, then to Roscoff and home. About 1800 trouble free miles!!

The picture was taken looking towards Dover, on our first day.

Member: Ken Couzens

Vehicle: Peugeot 404

Cars Name:

Reg: NPJ 49L

Year: 1968

Owned Since: 1984

Note: Built in Johannesburg south Africa and has a modified floor gear change by Fulray

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