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Member: Alan J Pickett

Vehicle: Austin 7 Box saloon

Cars Name: Gwendoline

Reg: ASL 653

Year: 1933

Owned Since: 1999


Members Vehicles

Member: Dave Butcher

Vehicle: Austin 10/4 Chrome Rad

Cars Name:

Reg: JU 2145

Year: 1933

Owned Since: 2007

Note: The car belonged to my Grandfather, my Father restored it between the years 1988-1999. My Father passed away in 2007 and the car was left to us.

Member: Bob Hobbs

Vehicle: Triumph Renown

Cars Name:

Reg: LKV 541

Year: 1952

Owned Since: 1965

Note: bought by my father in 1953 to replace the Austin.

Given to me in 1965. Bare chassis restoration finished in 2003. 208000 miles on clock

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Member: John Hancock

Vehicle: Austin 7 ‘RP’ Box Saloon

Cars Name: Jacky

Reg: JK3090


Owned Since: 1976