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Member: Bob Hobbs

Vehicle: Austin 10 Cabriolet

Cars Name:


Year: 1934

Owned Since:

Note: bought by my father in 1937 used until 1981 then laid up. Bare chassis restoration by me and back on road June 2011. 102000 miles on clock. (have full maintenance record since 1937!)

Members Vehicles

Member: Don Breakspear

Vehicle: Austin 7 Chummy

Cars Name:

Reg: YT 2732

Year: 1927

Owned Since: 1976

Note: restored by Don which took about three years. During the earlier days we visited most Principalities e.g. Andorra, Monte Carlo, Liechtenstein and are still travelling quite a few miles a year in Chummy.

Member: Do Ranson

Vehicle: Morris Minor 1000

Cars Name:

Reg: MOD 226F

Year: 1968

Owned Since:

Note: It was fully restored when purchased but since then we have fitted a brake servo and front disc brakes.

Member: Andy Ranson

Vehicle: Austin 10/4 Chrome Rad

Cars Name:


Year: 1933

Owned Since: 2010


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