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Members Vehicles

Member: Trevor Edwards

Vehicle: Austin 10 'Colwyn' cabriolet

Cars Name: Clarissa

Reg: CLA 349

Year: 1935

Owned Since: 2006

Note: Featured in the June 1962 edition of "Car Mechanics' magazine in an article entitled, "200,000 Miles and Still Going Strong". Older restoration carried out in 1978 by Jen and John LLewellen of Ash Vale.

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Member: Jan & Phil Dunford

Vehicle: Austin Colwyn

Cars Name: Matilda

Reg: DKM 378

Year: 1936

Owned Since: 2010

Note: She was first registered in Maidstone.

This photograph was taken at Medstead and Fourmarks Station when she was displayed as part of their 1940s ‘War on the Line’ event. The white lines and headlight shield were part of the arrangements for driving in the blackout.

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Member: Denise & Simon Jocelyn

Vehicle: Austin 7 ‘Arrow’

Cars Name:


Year: 1934

Owned Since: Nov 2014

Note: Registered in Manchester 8th July still with original registration number

Thought to be one of ten long wheel base foursomes left in the country and off thirteen in the world

Member: Ken Couzens

Vehicle: Peugeot 404

Cars Name:

Reg: NPJ 49L

Year: 1968

Owned Since: 1984

Note: Built in Johannesburg south Africa and has a modified floor gear change by Fulray