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This year, for a very obvious, well-recognised reason, the annual ‘Nightjar’ Navigational Scatter Rally, will take the form of a virtual one which, although this is cause for come considerable regret, especially for those regulars, who (oddly) quite look forward to traipsing around cold, wet woods in the dark Hampshire/Surrey countryside, seeking out sneakily hidden bird signs, will, instead, be offered the maybe welcome luxury of being able to do so in the comfort of warm, cosy homes.

Bird signs, however, will naturally be very thin (i.e. non-existent) on the ground this time around and the event consists of six navigational tasks, each leading to a small Herefordshire village where, using Google Earth in Streetview mode, powers of observation will be needed to answer a series of questions.

Entries are open to all and further details of the event, including the Entry Form, appear elsewhere on this web-site. It is expected to be very well-subscribed so please submit entries promptly to avoid disappointment, if interested.

More information, if required, may be obtained by emailing or by texting 07518 043663

‘The NHAEG/ATDC ‘Nightjar’ Navigational Rally 2020

Entry Form and Regulations

Nightjar 2017 Report and Photos

Nightjar 2017

2020 Nightjar Forms: